About Us

The way we live, do business, and experience culture in "God's own country" is changing rapidly. The idea of a Global Village is becoming a reality. Today's young generation is educated, tech-savvy, and culturally progressive. The state, known for its high literacy rate in India, is making significant progress in various sectors, matching the growth of other fast-developing regions.

In this environment, a forward-thinking community, deeply connected to metropolitan culture and possessing selective reading habits, seeks concise, objective news from a modern source. This need is met by "Metro Vaartha," available both online and offline.

As the newest morning daily in the state, Metro Vaartha stands out as the FIRST METRO NEWSPAPER from Vaartha News Network Pvt Ltd. This company, led by an experienced team, introduces a fresh perspective to the newspaper business.

Our newspaper isn't aiming to compete directly with traditional Malayalam print media, which often leans on politics, religion, or biases. Instead, we're forging a new path in journalism—one defined by truth and objectivity in reporting. We embrace positive reporting on societal actions and emphasize developmental journalism.

Readers are our priority. We're here to educate, entertain, and inform in ways that meet their expectations. Our main goal is to guide young readers toward a life of quality and enrichment. Our services, both online and offline, are dedicated to the millions of Keralites living across the globe, encompassing diverse lands and cultures.

For further information, PH: 04842983380 ,9020808811 and web@metrovaartha.com

Metro Vaartha